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Golf Cart Battery

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60 years of know-how built for Cycle Service

Longest Series are made by Sebang’s lead-acid battery technical skill which is accumulated for half century. It is exclusively used for Cycle service such as golf cart, electric vehicle, and unmanned transportation.

Main features of the storage battery


Longest – Golf Cart Battery

Special plated terminal strong against heat and electrical resistance


Headlamps and covers
  • Lightweight, acid resistant, and impact resistant cover terminals is designed to prevent electrolyte from spilling out.


  • Designed to be safe from vibration by minimizing heat generation and electrical resistance at terminals by special plating treatment. Standard bolt: Nut structure facilitates removal


  • Gas and acid generated during charging are filtered Internal combustion design allows not explode when external battery is nearby.


  • Use high purity, colorless, odorless, purified sulfuric acid.(KSM 1203 No. 3 or later))


Bulk laxative device
  • Decrease the injection time by collective injection.
  • Prevent corrosion of surroundings of equipments by preventing liquid leakage.
  • A cell with an exact amount of main quantity.
  • Deviation and life extension--Basic balance items purchased separately.


Isolation plate
  • Rubber resistant acid with excellent porosity, excellent corrosion resistance.
  • Low electrical resistance, very good physical properties.
  • Structural design for internal penetration and transfer prevention.
  • Use microfilter glass fiber to prevent gliding of live matter.


Cathodic plate
  • Spore consists of 99.9% or more pure lead.
  • Rich in porosity and reactivity, using special additives that are strong in atrial fibrillation anode plate.
  • Use special additives that are strong in atrial fibrillation.


Anode plate
  • Use special additives that are strong in atrial fibrillation.
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