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Folklift battery

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Best choice for Electric Traction Batteries.

Made with the unequaled technology of Sebang Global Battery providing powerful power to any electric forklift.

  • Easy-Maintenance.
  • Powerful performance with enhanced cycle.

Main features of the storage battery

Main features of Batteries



Realization of long-life through corrosion-resistant by Die-casting process

Application of high-strength tubes to increase the durability of charging and discharging, and prevent the elimination of active materials for long life


One-touch cap

Convenient replenishment when the electrolyte is reduced

  • Opening and closing of the electrolyte inlet are convenient.
  • Can check electrolyte level visually during use.
  • The highest level of electrolytes can be checked visually during the inject electrolyte.


Injection of electrolyte

  • When the upper part of the float touches the bottom of the cap, replenishment of electrolytes is needed.(picture 1)
  • Replenish electrolyte to the point where the floating color is changed(picture 2)


Tighten process of bolt/nut( DIN Type )

Connection method of cell-to-cell

  • Put the cable connector on the pole.
  • Tighten the bolt with the specified torque.


Advantage of bolt/nut structure

  • The flexible connector allows stable use when the product is vibrated.
  • A cell can be easily replaced without special equipment or technology.


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