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ES Series

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Safety and affordability for ESS.

By transforming electrolyte into GEL(solid) type, ES became an eco-friendly battery which causes no harm to equipment and human body when it is damaged. It is proved to be stabl and economical, so this lead acid battery is mainly used in many industrial sites including solar power plants, ESS and BMS.

  • Triple-sealed structure with no electrolyte leakage.
  • Internal pressure structure that does not explode even when overcharged.

Main features of the storage battery

  • Horizontal or vertical arrangement is possible.
  • Excellent deep discharge and recovery charge characteristic, and the prescribed capacity is maintained until its end of use.
  • Self-discharge is extremely low than conventional sealed products, allowing long-term storage at room temperature without recharging.
  • Anode plates, made by special lead alloy, has excellent corrosion resistance by adopting ultra-high pressure casting method.
  • The cathodic plate has excellent deep discharging characteristic due to the application of specially treated cathode material and additives.
  • The terminal is a nut-buried structure (99.9% copper), which is also safe for convection.
  • The safety valve is made of a special synthetic rubber material for better durability and resist of acidity.
  • Isolation plate is made of PVC material that is highly acid-resistant and highly porous.
  • In the event of battery damage, electrolyte is gelated, which minimizes equipment damage and human risk.


# Uses : Communication, ESS, UPS System (Un-interruptible Power Unit), Various Alarms, Alternative Energy (solar, wind, etc.), Computer Memory, Medical Devices, Internet Data Center (IDC), Any Other Equipment that Requires Direct Current Power

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