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Korean moving energy sebang batteries are everywhere in life, in industry, We will impress you with the best quality throughout your life.


Sebang batteries have maintained a leading position in the field of lead acid batteries in Korea for more than half a century.
Sebang Battery, which has exported its products to 130 countries around the world and has grown into one of the top 10 manufacturers of storage batteries in the world,
Now, we want to be an energy company that operates today and recharges tomorrow.

Chairman Message


The value of all of these that we study and pursue lies in the people.


The goal of Sebang Group’s corporate management includes energy, logistics, environment and social contribution projects which are in people's convenient lives and better future. To do this, the Sebang Group will do our best and focus all its resources on what we have to do for tomorrow.

Sebang Group CEO

Sang Woong Lee

A company that promotes today's world for a happy life for everyone 
A future recharging company for a better world

The message of our company


Sebang Global Battery promises to make “Energy for people” and “Convenient and happy future”.
Sebang Global Battery have been leading the Korean battery industry with leading brand called “Rocket Battery” for more than half of century. In addition, we are becoming a future energy company through continuous innovative management to accommodate rapid market changes, and we put continuous efforts to develop technologies to make the best products. As a result, the company has grown to become one of the top 10 battery makers in the world, we exports our products to more than 130 countries around the world.

  • The future of Sebang Global Battery is to make a world where everyone is comfortable and happy. To this end, we will actively focus on developing advance technology in new business areas.

    The end goal of technology development is to gain a solid advantage in the soft cell and to strengthen research and development in future energy fields such as ESS and BMS, and the basic policy of preparing for new business is to strengthen the core capabilities of the group and advance into areas where we can do the best.

  • The key capability of Sebang Global battery is its know-how in battery technology which obtained the research and production of parts that requires for a condensed battery, manufacturing, and condensed battery.

    The battery sector is committed to improving the quality of conventional coaxial batteries and enhancing their price competitiveness, and is thoroughly preparing for the lithium batteries which is a major trend in the energy market. The strategy of differentiating the lithium battery business of Sebang Global Battery focuses on the development of lithium packs that can be applied to a wide range of applications by using cells.

  • The core of future energy industry is energy storage and utilization.

    To this end, Sebang Global Battery continues to invest and study lithium pack design and manufacturing technologies that can be applied to large ESS for storing power generation storage to small ESS, electric buses, electric trucks, and in households by using solar energy. We are proud to announce our efforts to store and utilize energy and this will become an important growth engine for the Sebang Group in the future.

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