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CGS Series

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The only relief valve that is specially manufactured in Korea.

CGS battery is the product that realizes the optimal installation space and high efficiency compared to the same lead-acid battery. It does not require maintenance such as water replenishment, and the battery lifespan is extended due to increased stability.

  • Efficient installation and storage cost reduction for users.
  • Innovative minimization of installation space and floor area.

Main features of the storage battery

  • Horizontal or vertical arrangement is possible.
  • The gas recombination principle is used to recombine the internally generated gas into electrolyte, which requires no refill maintenance.
  • The only relief valve that is specially manufactured in Korea is applied to maintain the life expectancy and doubled the safety.


# Uses : UPS System (Un-Interruptible Power Supply), Communication, Electronic Medical Equipment, Alternative Energy (solar, Wind, etc.), Security Equipment, Spare Power, All Other Equipment Requiring DC Power Communication

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